Network Media Streaming

VIEW® commercial products, deliver the ultimate IP A/V experience by streaming high-definition audio and video (multimedia) and control over TCP/IP networks for commercial and residential installations, respectively.

 By combining audio and/or video content, meta-data and control signals into one stream, over existing IP networks, ClearOne's newly patented StreamNet®solutions enable the Power of AV over IP™ for burgeoning markets such as digital signage, enterprise multimedia streaming and home entertainment.

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Audio/Video Encoders, Decoders and Amplifiers

By streaming multimedia over TCP/IP, drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance are achieved over traditional AV distribution methods. StreamNet technology ensures that audio between any and all zones are in sync within one millisecond.

Control & Source Interfaces

Using an edge-based (decentralized) IP system, the HD quality of the signal is preserved and saves money by requiring only one CAT5/6 cable for audio, video and control of the display.

Ethernet Switches

ClearOne’s proprietary StreamNet technology ensures synchronization of audio and video signals to within one millisecond, and control for point-to-point and point to multi-point distribution, while also delivering the highest-quality video and audio with the lowest latency.

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