Converge Pro

ClearOne's Converge Pro series of professional audio conferencing DSP products is the industry's most proven professional audio DSP platform for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications. VSO PRO AV carries a full line of Pro Audio DSP Mixers by ClearOne for high quality audio conferencing sound reinforcement systems. Clearone's sophisticated conferencing systems are loaded with features and offer the best unrivaled audio processing performance. Questions or need application assistance? Call us at (973) 435-2445

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SKU Product name   Price  
CLRO-910-151-806 ClearOne CONVERGE USB
  • $549.00
CLRO-910-151-807 ClearOne CONNECT Dante Bridge
  • $769.00
CLRO-910-151-900 ClearOne CONVERGE SR1212
  • $2364.00
CLRO-910-151-901 ClearOne CONVERGE SR1212A
  • $3299.00
CLRO-910-151-820 ClearOne CONVEGE Pro TH20
  • $1184.00
CLRO-910-151-825 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20
  • $1184.00
CLRO-910-151-810 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 8i
  • $3828.00
CLRO-910-151-882 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 880TA
  • $5276.00
CLRO-910-151-880 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 880
  • $4792.00
CLRO-910-151-840 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 840T
  • $3740.00
CLRO-910-151-881 ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 880T
  • $5012.00