Interact Pro

ClearOne's Interact Pro series of professional audio conferencing solutions with true stereo echo cancellation at a competitive price. Interact Pro is the complete audio solution for unified communications allowing direct connection to enterprise telephones, PC's and HD conferencing codecs. VSO PRO AV carries a full line of Pro Audio DSP Mixers by ClearOne for high quality audio conferencing sound reinforcement systems. Clearone's sophisticated conferencing systems are loaded with features and offer the best unrivaled audio processing performance. Questions or need application assistance? Call us at (973) 435-2445

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  • A complete conference room solution with flexibility in mind. The INTERACT AT includes all the necessary audio equipment and peripherals for any conference room while delivering exceptional audio quality at an affordable price. Customize your solution with multiple microphones and speaker options, direct connection to enterprise telephones, USB audio, a room controller, plus the ability to connect to the rich-media systems

    • $385.00
  • Microphone breakout box with three XLR Mic/Line input channels

    • $496.00
  • Interface device for adding USB audio and headset audio to Interact systems and integrates with Skype, Lync, WebEx and other popular messaging platforms. 

    • $550.00
  • Conferencing system supporting up to three units of Interact Mic or Interact Mic EX or any combination.

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    • $2200.00
  • 8 channel AEC input-only microphone expansion device for Interact Pro mixer. DSP with 8 Mic/Line inputs.

    • $2745.00
  • 8 channel AEC microphone mixer with built-in telephone hybrid. DSP with 8 Mic/Line inputs, 2 Line inputs, 8 Line outputs.

    • $3690.00